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Lomelda - Thx

by Jason Atkinson Rating:10 Release Date:2017-09-08

Hannah Read's, now Lomelda, voice sounds like the term “loping along.” By loping along I mean it is traveling somewhere dusty, on a beat down ass road with some sagebrush drifting by. In the distance, there is a mesa and lots of geographical things. But first there is some other stuff to do: go to the Amoco station, get a bottle of Nugrape soda drink, eat a bag of BBQ pork rinds, stare absentmindedly at the container of pickled pigs feet, and brace oneself for the long journey ahead in the secondhand Pontiac. The guitar, weathered and well played, will sit in the backseat until its appearance is required at the gig.

“Interstate Vision” has a great lazy vibe with wonderful vocals and extended behind-the-beat drum fills. Long drive music at sunset. I’m thinking of Palace Brothers tracks like “End of Traveling” and “Gulf Shores.” “Bam Sha Klam” is a low-key Codeine ‘Frigid Stars’ of a track with building distortion and strange soundscapes. “From Here,” is an acoustically driven song with thoughtful drumming—this drummer is a badass. “Thx” is another great one followed by the Aimee Mann inflected “Out There” with an unusual vocal and melody. I loved this one and it should be a single or something—whatever the word “single” means for an indie artist these days.

“Far Out” does a little violoncello thing with the guitar. Again, we have these lovely little unstructured wandering melodies. These are great—pushing and moving around expectation in songwriting—and I love that these aren’t so commercial sounding. “Nor” song flirts with a thick layer of distortion and “Mostly M.E.” features a great groove with some nice synth sounds and, again, incredible drumming. “Only World” has piano and ends big.

Fantastic musics from Lomelda and her band and her good ass drummer. Listen to this.

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