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Whispertown - I'm A Man

by Jason Atkinson Rating:7 Release Date:2017-09-15

Morgan Nagler, artist and predominant energy for indie-project Whispertown, landed her first major gig on beloved 80’s show “Punky Brewster.” It’s been a long journey since those heady days of swapping lines with Soleil Moon-Frye, but it’s been a good one, chockablock with acting gigs and a life in Los Angeles and her indie band that makes cool vintage looking videos featuring little kids playing football in Burbank.

So now comes the new LP. It’s called “I’m a Man”, and it’s coming to an Apple device near you in a little while. I loved the first track, a bit of a departure for Ms. Nagler, with a much more ‘don’t give a fuck’ vibe pervading here with wackiness and randomness. I’m thinking Joan Jett on oxycontin for this one. We drift into a more traditional Whispertown-style mellow high for next track “There Are No Words” while, again, banging it out on third track “Free Faller.” She should tell her guitarist to forget Morrissey for a second (two of the band members have tattooed his name on their arm) and try out Johnny Marr. By that I mean plug your dumb guitar in and rock out a little bit on this one when you do it live because Nagler needs to get loud here.

“Big Fish” features bizarre male backing vocals that I enjoyed. “I’m a Man,” the featured single, has a lot of talking in the background and reminded me a little bit of Nancy Sinatra. “I Can’t Stop Crying” is a bit more on the unremarkable side. It’s all very nice but sounds like a tin-pan-alley feel-good kind of thing. “The Open Window,” features backing vocals. The album continues more in this vein, with songs that sound similar to great tracks like “Old Times” from previous releases. 

This album goes from ‘devil-may-care’ in tone to a ’devil-cares-too-much.” Both are valid sides of the coin in the realm of Whispertown. They are taken into account and enjoyed by this reviewer. I wish them luck on their tour, which will take them to various locations as yet unwritten on their website.

Before you go and get your Apple X phone or whatever, consider streaming them.

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