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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Luciferian Towers

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:10 Release Date:2017-09-22

A lot of people who have something even remotely to do with music, love to play some sort of data entry clerks; they just love to classify music into fixed, unchangeable categories. Perhaps it's because it makes the ‘dangerous’ stuff that musicians sometimes create easier to define, in their eyes. This would certainly explain all those various versions of "rock," from that made in the garage to the one that is supposed to be progressive, or even post-rock. 

Regardless, none of that classifications matter when it comes to the Canadian music collective Godspeed You! Black Emperor. No matter how hard people try to pin them down, even those proclaiming them as the key purveyors of post-rock, it just can't be done. On Luciferian Towers, their seventh album in all, Godspeed remain as undefinable and uncompromising in their approach and ideas as ever. This characteristic applies equally to the music they produce, as well as the ideas and social and political concepts that drive them. And whatever some might think about their convictions, it is the passion behind those ideas and beliefs that seem to drive this band to produce such undefinable, yet simultaneously exhilarating music. Music that expresses convictions without uttering words. As ever, the vision Godspeed express on Luciferian Towers is a dystopian, apocalyptic one, or to be more precise, what can happen if things continue the way that they are going on now. It's a frightening reminder.

Luciferian Towers play out as some form of a Greek tragedy, with an introduction, two parts in two acts, and an intermezzo, as they would say in Italian opera. “Undoing Luciferian Towers” serves as an introduction, as the band explains what the modern urban skyline would look like if all the concrete high-rise buildings were destroyed. “Boss Hang” is the first act. reminding the listener that the band has clearly not lost sight of the philosophical concepts about labor and profit. “Fam-Famine” is the self-explanatory intermezzo, and “Anthem For No State” is the concluding act wherein the band present their vision of Canada, robbed and emptied of all its natural riches and destroyed. As they say in the press release, “The ocean doesn’t give a shit because it knows it’s dying too”. Strong words, but then so is the music.

I don’t know whether it is safe to say that Godspeed You! Black Emperor have, on Luciferian Towers, come up with their best album so far, but it is certainly close. I have to agree with some opinions that “Anthem For No State” in all of its three parts is some of the best music the band has recorded in the studio so far. No matter how frightening the vision Godspeed You! Black Emperor present on this album, it is a compelling listen that must be heard.

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