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Har Mar Superstar - Personal Boy EP

by Jason Atkinson Rating:6 Release Date:2017-08-22

Har Mar Superstar has, I think in Minneapolis, a “Har Mar Superstar Day.” The mayor of Minneapolis, or some other Minnesota city, decided that, because of his cultural contributions, that the dude deserved an annual day when all of the fair city stopped what they were doing and looked to the heavens in fond admiration and remembrance. And, indeed, they were heady times, those days of Har Mar Superstar kissing Kate Moss and shooting delicious cuts out from his pelvis with titles like “Body Request” and “Power Lunch” and "Restless Leg." The tunes were witty, they were fun, active, well-mixed, and other compliments.

This stuff, not so much. It’s too serious sounding. It doesn’t really hit well with his voice. It doesn’t seem to be mixed well with his voice. In some ways, it almost seems like he isn’t completely present in the song; almost like someone came in and had him move his mouth and put his name on the thing and, who knows, maybe a few streams will come out of it…. I think he is planning on touring with the people he collaborated with on these tracks, so maybe that has something to do with it. 

“Personal Boy,” the purpose of the EP, sounds pretty good at the start. But then it just goes on and on. What’s going on? “Timeback,” sounds very canned, despite trying to be funky. There is a spoken part; it is difficult to tell what the guy is trying to say in this section. “Demon in Profile” is a stronger tune, highlighting Har Mar’s great singing voice. “Personal Boy (radio edit)” adds a soprano sax.

What happened, Superstar?

I think I'll play something else. Try this 


Wonderful vocals by this tremendous talent. His face: tired, a little broken. Maybe it’s time for something a bit more complex; don’t be afraid to age along with your audience.

Then again, maybe you are already. I’m just the only one not paying attention.

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