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Woodpigeon - Die Stadt Muzikanten

by Kate Lucey Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-04-19

Descending from the border of the Canadian Rockies, Woodpigeon will simultaneously enchant, uplift and deflate you.

This might sound complex - but Woodpigeon are no easy feat. Die Sadt Muzikanten is the third album release from the Calgary-bred octet, and dresses up words of melancholy consideration in silken layers of folksy, upbeat melodies.

Mark Anderson's syrupy vocals are effortlessly entwined through realms of orchestral-pop loveliness, and one can't help but at least tap a foot to his poetic cries of "I've spent too much time on my own/I just wanna die," without chewing over the sinister undertones. His sadness is expertly encased in meticulous arrangements of whimsical, floating trickles of euphoria.

The record is a 15 track work of art. Not a second is given over to filler strummings or pretentious musings. The beautiful harmonies of the tender 'Spirehouse' could be enjoyed just as much with one acoustic guitar as companion; yet on further listening it's the extra goodies tucked behind the guitar line that make this a particularly tingling track.

Drawing comparisons to Simon and Garfunkel and perhaps Bedouin Soundclash, Die Stadt Muzikanten is an entrancing offering from Woodpigeon. It seems like an understatement to call the record pretty, yet prettiness exudes from every pore of every tale told on this album. This is a record you'll want to take to bed with you.


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