HVMM - Talk to Me Like I'm Dead

by Steve Ricciutti Rating:6 Release Date:2017-09-01

Out of Worcester comes HVMM, a compelling band that has just released an EP titled Talk to Me Like I’m Dead. From the opening pulsating crunch of “Lacerate,” one gets a powerful sense of their sound; part Arctic Monkeys, a touch of The Godfathers, and even a hint of Led Zeppelin, especially in terms of rhythmic push and pull. Rich with heavy, oft-sludgy riffs, crushing beats, and snarling vocals delivering sturm und drang lyrics, HVMM defy passive listening. There’s a Rage Against the Machine vibe present (“Millie’s Going to Town”); specifically that particular angry intensity with political acumen that RATM mastered.

Rage also had some monster riffs and a deep groove and that’s present and accounted for, as well. There are some enticing sounds here, including the bluesy sleaze of “Beggars and Thieves,” the heavy funk of “Lacerate,” or the Zeppelin-esque thunder of “Going Postal.”

My lone issues is that I’m more inclined towards shorter presentations, and only one of their songs on this six-song EP came in under four minutes, with a third exceeding six minutes. With such a pounding, repetitive structure as they present, more than four minutes begins to overwhelm. “1924” is a good example of a great idea that simply carries on too long. While I think tighter songs would ratchet up the intensity, there’s no denying the power this band wields.

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