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The Lovely Bad Things - Teenage Grown Ups

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6 Release Date:2017-08-25

While we think of 90s rock being defined by grunge or a navel gazing alt band, there was another form of rock which crept up behind: geek rock. While The Lovely Bad Things might owe their influences to Sonic Youth, The Pixies and Dinosaur Jr., they certainly have a healthy dose of the awkwardness which made Weezer popular.

As far as opening tracks go ‘I’ll Listen’ and the titular ‘Teenage Grown Ups’ are a hoot, unlikely to be topped this year. While they give you an idea of the wallflower, slacker vibe, it’s a vibe which is just as relevant today - nobody wants to grow up and live their life in the office.

Whether you’re thinking of Blue Album by Weezer when listening to ‘Julian’s House’, or Pinkerton for ‘Cartoon Food’ there are the hallmarks of the genre all over the place; melodic woo-hooing, tight feedback noises, self-deprecating lyrics, you couldn’t ask for more.

The fact that there are male and female vocals gives The Lovely Bad Things something to capitalise on, and they do so without making it a gimmick - they feel like a very natural band. Each song hold it’s own tuneful reason to be, but few tracks live up to the opening, and by the eleventh attempt, you’re left frustrated that tracks like ‘Slug Boy’ and ‘Glow Buddy’ aren’t better.

‘I Just Want You To Go Away’ shows that this band can pack a wallop. They wear their influences on their sleeves but not to the point where you’re rolling your eyes. Whether galloping along, or taking their time to strut, the unfashionable is being made fashionable in this likeable gambit.

If you like fuzzy guitars, the odd whirring solo and the sound of the meek finding their voices, will be one hell of satisfying album, just don’t expect a truly lasting impact.

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