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Lily Konigsberg & Andrea Schiavelli - Good Time Now

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:9 Release Date:2017-08-25

Let's talk...and have a good time now. That could be the motto and possibly the reason the collaborative album between Lily Konigsberg and Andrea Schiavelli got its name as Good Time Now. By saying collaborative, I have in mind the fact that each of the authors had distinctive home sessions while this album was recorded. Andrea was in New York recording his songs, while Lily was in California doing the same, all-the-while staying in constant communication.

Such musical ventures often turn into a mishmash, particularly if authors have distinct styles or try to explore different musical strands, and that is exactly what both Lily and Andrea were doing here. Actually, exploring different musical aspects is nothing strange to either, however, as both are involved in other musical projects (Lily and Horn Horse, Palberta, and Eyes of Love). That said, there's no mishmash here. What we do get are two distinct sets of songs that blend together almost perfectly. I say almost because I think it is quite difficult to blend two distinct parts perfectly, but Lily and Andrea get mighty close. Konigsberg’s songs are in a more exploratory vein with more instrumental passages in brief, melodic and listenable songs, like a cross between Julia Holter and Juliana Barwick. The same goes for her voice.  Schiavelli presents us with another musical crossing himself, as if he has found the middle ground between R. Stevie Moore and Young Marble Giants. His great baritone voice helps.

The songs of each artist alternate, which is all-the-more impressive because there are no jarring jumps despite the stylistically differences. Each song feels a part of the larger whole. Even more so, each author has an experimental touch, yet both also present their music in a melodic, almost pure pop fashion that is quite a joy. Indeed, the music on Good Time Now is constructed with love and care and is in no way inconsequential.

There are no downfalls here, and at the same time, it is very hard to pick a title that jumps out from the rest. Nonetheless, it's quite an achievement for an album conceived and constructed long distance.

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