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Parsons Rocket Project - Parsons Rocket Project

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2017-08-11

Debut EPs, when they succeed, beg you wanting more from the band.  Parsons Rocket Project’s self-titled EP does exactly that.  This Atlanta-based dream pop, shoegaze band have three fragments of songs that beg to be explored more, and expanded with a full album of such, and this one arrives with quite a pedigree; mastered by the Hot Chip producer and recorded in the same place as Gang of Four. There you go. High Expectations. And there is little to be disappointed about here.

“Exit Launch” opens as their best track, illustrating they have just the right lead singer, just the right blend of scuzzy, spacey guitars, and just the right muted bass and drum to whet the appetite of any fan of atmospheric, spacey, dream-pop.

Even the three instrumentals like “Interlude I” and “Interlude II” beg to be expanded and fleshed out with a full album.  Ms. Dubois, the lead singer, has just the right combination of eccentric, forlorn and powerful voice that makes the tracks even more atmospheric and multi-dimensional.

This EP succeeds in teasing the listener, and if there is any complaint, it’s that three of the songs included don’t sound finished.  They are short and could use some expansive additions that this band clearly could execute in a long player.  Parsons Rocket Project is an exciting new band to watch.



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