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People of the North - Deep Tissue

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2010-04-27

Usually side projects are one of two things: exactly the same as the band's previous sound or so out there that they cannot be compared.

Its safe to say Kid Millions and Bobby Matador's side project from their full time positions in Brooklyn five piece Oneida is definitely more off the radar than their previous work, in fact at times it sounds so horizontally challenged it could have been recorded in an opium den.

Credit where it's due though, they have stuck to their guns and provided an epic short album which lasts over 30 minutes but has just four tracks.

We begin with the atmospheric instrumental 'Tunnels' which kicks into its beat right from the off and at times seems almost like a jamming session between the band, with rhythmic bass laden all over it.

'The Vastest Island' provides the closest thing to a vocally lead track, with dreamy and almost haunting words from Matador and Millions' joint vocals mixing easily into the repetitive guitar heavy sound.

The closer 'Over Me' provides no real shocks with minor, almost whispered and distorted vocals passing through this ode to prog-rock and clocks in at just under the 15 minute mark.

The shortest and weakest track of the album is 'Summer Leaves' which constantly throughout its duration appears to be building towards something but sinks back into its own repetitive ways somewhat frustratingly.

Fans of Oneida will know what to expect of this pair, and they will not be disappointed. For new listeners this could be an opportunity to hear 2010's take on prog-rock, other than that just ask your dad what Floyd and Zeppelin were all about.

Paul Downey

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