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Dum Dum Girls - I Will Be

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2010-03-29

Dum Dum Girls (the name is a pointed gender-inversion of an Iggy Pop song) is the project of LA's Dee Dee Penny, who has recruited a roll-call of garage rock luminaries, including ex-Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts drummer Frankie Rose, Crocodiles' Brandon Welch (Dee Dee's hubby) and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitar hero Nick Zinner.

It's an impressive line up, but you wouldn't really know it listening to I Will Be. Musically, this could be the work of any Jesus and Mary Chain and Raveonettes worshiping, black clad band. Even the spiky guitar Zinner contributes to 'Yours Alone' is pretty much anonymous in this setting. The light and colour which lifts I Will Be comes from Penny's vocal, a sometimes sleepy, sometimes soaring voice which glides over the expertly assembled sludge on songs such as 'Rest of Our Lives' and 'Jail La La'. Almost every song on the album is a tribute to her love for her husband. Accordingly, the album wears its inspiration from 60s girl groups on its sleeve and the girlish, true-love sentiments of the title track and 'Everybody's Out', on which Penny chants "My baby's better than you", suit her voice perfectly.

But, again, there's really nothing new here. The Raveonettes have been plying this exact product for nigh on a decade now. The album is even produced by Richard Gottehrer, who has previously produced The Ravonettes. So whether you'll love this record really depends on how great an enthusiasm you have for this moody, determindly insular genre of rock'n'roll which long ago preserved itself in formaldehyde.

Richard Morris

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