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Madonnatron - Madonnatron

by Jeff Penczak Rating:5 Release Date:2017-07-28

For starters, the band admit that “none of them can actually play their instruments”, so you know at the outset what to expect. But if that DIY, fuckall attitude intrigues, and there's more than a few Love Spirals Downwards or Dead Can Dance albums in your collection, then by all means continue reading. For starters, their singing is actually worse than their playing – perhaps they should have owned up to “none of them can actually sing” and been done with it. The tunes are rudimentary in a Sabbathian mode – slow, doomy, gloomy, with occasionally interesting keyboard flourishes and chanting vocals that sound like they were recorded at the local coven meeting. I’m this close to typing “Satanic”, but…nah! Although titles like ‘Sangue Neuf’ [New Blood], ‘Headless Children’, ‘Be My Bitch’, and ‘Mother’s Funeral’ don’t exactly help the defence’s position. 

The other drawback, common with many young bands starting out is that all the songs sound the same. And they don’t really go anywhere. Having attained a groove, the gals (oops, I wasn’t gonna mention that either) don’t develop it, so too many tunes are one-dimensional and, attention spans being what they are, that Skip button starts to look awfully inviting.

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