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The Golden Filter - Voluspa

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2010-04-26

New York duo The Golden Filter have produced a dreamily perfect work of cosmic disco and electro-pop on this debut album. Opening track 'Dance Around the Fire' mixes the ethereal spirit of Glass Candy's 'Rolling Down the Hills' with Hitchcock string stabs and a whopping great electro beat. Meanwhile, tracks 'Hide Me' and 'Thunderbird' are exactly the kind of leftfield works of pop genius which Goldfrapp have proved themselves no longer capable of producing.

And so it goes. Voluspa is the work of a band who have absorbed the back catalogues of Goldfrapp, Ladytron, Telepathe, The Knife and half a dozen other female-fronted electro-pop outfits and have the suss to perfectly recreate the sounds they love. It's not all secondhand pop glory though: tracks like 'Moonlight Fantasy', which juxtaposes tempestuous strings against a minimalist electro pulse, shows this duo know how to create something arrestingly different.

If there's a problem to speak of, it's that singer Penelope Trappes is something of a one trick pony. There're only so many times a female singer can wheel out Donna Summer's breathy sexbot warble and expect it to still be effective. Again, you just need to ask Alison Goldfrapp about that. At 11 songs, with most songs drifting over the four-minute mark, the album is also just slightly too long. However, synth man Stephen Hindman keeps things interesting, moving from the mid-80s pomp of 'The Underdogs' to the ambient, discordant sounds of 'Kiss Her Goodbye'. All in all, a very promising debut for the discerning pop fan.

Richard Morris

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