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Dasher - Sodium

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2017-07-14

From the opening hum and squeal of We Know So to the closing thirty seconds of feedback on Get So Low, Dasher have filled their debut album with anger, frustration and noise.  Here is a band that has listened to punk music for so long it’s in their blood and every moment they want to fill with letting that blood flow and forcing their abrasive punk tunes into your face as far as possible.  The word relentless springs to mind.  Feedback squeals, vocals growl and drums provide the pulsing heartbeat of the whole affair, it’s visceral and allows so little let up that every song seems to finish with feedback that drags you into the maelstrom of musical violence that is the next one.  Even moments where it feel like the pace slows doesn’t leave you far from the next full on assault.  This happens towards the end of the lumbering monolithic title track Sodium where it suddenly kicks up a tempo and become a full on stomping affair.  This is punk without apology and that stomps on your throat denying you breath at any moment it is playing.

That’s not to say it’s not a lot of fun.  Go Rambo plays the fun element and brutality in equal shares and provides the most enjoyable moment of the whole affair, especially when it finishes with the lyrics echoing the cold war mess of Rambo IV by screeching ‘Go Rambo, Go Rambo, Go Drago, Go Drago’ with such fury you can’t help but smile.  Lead singer and drummer Kylee Kimbrough seems to be channelling her fury of a recent Austism diagnosis as well as her frustration at modern life into her drumming as much as her vocals.  Are drummer/vocalists more likely to produce harder edged music, it sometimes feels that way and the motoring approach to this that never lets the foot off the pedal feels like it comes from those rhythmic roots at all times.

Perhaps it’s a little too one paced for some and perhaps its fury will leave some cold and others shaking their heads and walking away in wonder.  However, this is an album of such prime energy that it is impossible not to be caught up in its thrall and appreciate that despite a music industry that shaves off the rough edges at every single opportunity, here is a band with nothing but rough edges.


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