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Lali Puna - Our Inventions

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2010-04-12

It's been six years since German band Lali Puna's last long player, the lovely Faking the Books, but 'Rest Your Head', the opening track on Our Inventions drops you right back into the soundspace that record most frequently inhabited: warm, gently buzzing synths and muted, tickling beats, with singer Trebeljahr's muzzy whisper drifting serenely over proceedings like wisps of vapour trail. Pretty though this is, in Lali Puna's absence, a few groups and artists have moved to inhabit their dreamy folktronica sound, chief among them Icelandic groups such as Mum and Jónsi & Alex.

Do Lali Puna have much to offer beyond this sound? Not really, to be honest. The following tracks, 'Remember' and 'Everything is Always', are more upbeat and spritely, but what's missing from Our Inventions are the rough post-punk elements that jarred among the cosy glow of Faking the Books and made you think Lali Puna were listening to Public Image Ltd as much as Boards of Canada. For much of Our Inventions, by contrast, Lali Puna sound completely inoffensive to the point where it's very hard to stop one's mind wandering. On the album's title track, Trebeljahr murmurs about birds and trees like a heavily sedated Ellie Goulding. Meanwhile, several tracks, such as 'Future Tense', 'Move On', and 'Safe Tomorrow', start with interesting glitchy sounds before becoming bland and inconsequential. The closing 'Out There', a collaboration with Yellow Magic Orchestra's Yukihiro Takahashi, is sadly no exception. It aims for lullaby, misses, and ends up as a dirge. Sadly, despite their long absence, fans of Lali Puna are likely to return to the more arresting sounds of Faking the Books after listening to this album.

Richard Morris

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