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Ratboys - GN

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2017-06-30

GN is short for good night and Ratboys are a pleasant alternative band from Chicago with a different mesh of influences that they associate with post-country and what?  Could we call a timeout sometime soon on alternative genres created?  Post-Country?  

Still, the duo of vocalist-guitarist Julia Steiner and multi-instrumentalist Dave Sagan create a dynamic of sweet, simple alternative lead vocals that deadpan through this creative mesh of guitars and Julia’s story telling is compelling, earthy, and it all adds up to a solid sophomore effort.  But I see little country influence here.   Julia cites Sheryl Crow as an influence and I don’t.  Crow’s brand of commercial faux-Americana isn’t anywhere in Ratboy’s radar and this is good.

But Ratboys do a superb job of is telling quaint compelling stories and hang these stories around a garage-rock Americana musical stage that make fine use of Julia’s voice to add nice touches throughout.

With such songs as ‘The Record’ and ‘Control’ Ratboys create their own style of rock and roll that keeps drawing you back.  The album is filled with songs that start out at a lazy pace and then explode.  Pine Grove is another of these post-country type bands that specialize in this type of alternative Americana who are also quite unique and compelling.

RatBoys are one of those wonderfully understated bands that rise above most alternative genres they exist in, and while GN won’t knock the socks off of most listeners, their brand of alternative post-country Americana grows on you and is well worth the price of a ticket to see them.  If you are a fan of Foxing or The Void Matters and other such Alternative Americana bands who crank out quality thoughtful songs that tell great stories, Ratboys should be on your list.

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Didn't know this band before, but really enjoying the album!

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I agree it's a great album. Lots of good stuff out there, just harder to find these days.

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