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Hollow Everdaze - Cartoons

by Jim Harris Rating:6 Release Date:2017-06-23

Hollow Everdaze have only been around for a few years and play a fairly odd but compelling brand of psych music that at times sounds more like Fountains of Wayne than Tame Impala, with quirky fun lyrics and lazy, more like surfer rock beats. Their first EP, in 2013, garnered a lot of critical acclaim and they toured with some bigger acts, and now they have a full-length album that won’t hurt their cause at all.

But when you come from Australia and contend in the crowded field of psych music that many, many bands do from that continent, you have to have something extra to stay around.

And Hollow Everdaze have that something extra for the most part. And this is well represented with the sharp opening track, ‘Cartoon’. With a twirling, twisting psych guitar intro and squalls of electronics to begin with and then transitioning into these Arnold Layne wispy 60s vocals, the song pretty much represents what this band is all about.

The following track, ’Poisoned by Nostalgia’ continues in this musical direction with even a little twang added to the guitar.

They also go against your typical psych sound with a violinist (‘Still Ticking’). (No, they won’t be touring with the Morning After Girls or anything).

But Hollow Everdaze does an excellent job of mixing it up, for the most part. Their song structures are clever and go in many directions and before you settle into what you think they are about, they take you somewhere else. As with the track, ‘Never Going Back’, which features some heavy psych guitar overlays before settling into a strings ending. Great song.

Occasionally though their songs bog down a bit in a sort of surfer bedroom laid back approach that loses me some. ‘Same Old Story’ is a string-laced ballad that just kills a lot of the energy of the album for me. This is followed by an equally dull track called ‘WarCry’. ‘Out Your Window’ salvages the album some but while this self-titled album has plenty of interesting tracks in 43 minutes, in general, it needed a little more punch to offset the occasionally too quirky approach.

No, Hollow Everdaze don’t fall into my top psych band category, but the songs are well-constructed and if you want a little more offbeat approach to psych music Hollow Everdaze might be worth investing in.

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