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The Shaken Growlers - The Shaken Growlers

by Jeff Penczak Rating:7 Release Date:2017-04-19

They wear matching horizontal T-shirts (booger green), sing songs with titles like ‘Empty Party – Full Keg’, ‘Too Many Fuckers’, and ‘AC/DC’ (the Sweet/Joan Jett cover), and are probably older than your father. They’d take after Camper Van Beethoven at a kegger (“Went to a party/Drank all your beer/’Cause we’re a bad trip”), but they’d be the perfect headliners. Yes, they are The Shaken Growlers, a Seattle-based RnR trio who never grew up, and we’re glad they didn’t. For then we wouldn’t have the garagey surf swagger of ‘Weekly Specials’, sweaty shoutalongs like ‘Everybody Hates That Guy’, and rousing, clap-your-feet-and-stomp-your-hands, Slade-styled covers of The Sweet’s ‘AC/DC’ and the Cher chestnut ‘Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves’ (!), or amphetamine-fueled stage-divers like ‘Apocalypse’.

Gnarly fretwork from “Intense” Bentz, rat-a-tat machine gun drumming from Jerry Jeff Hood, and lip-curling Elvistic vox from songwriter “Chachee Morockin’” [me, neither] Dippery marry 50’s rockin’n’rollin’ with the latest in fist-pumping, 40 oz-swiggin’ punk attitude for a rollickin’ good time at your next kegger-cum-BBQ. Just hide the band members’ car keys and designate someone to drive ‘em home after the gig!

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