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The Coathangers - Parasite EP

by Kevin Orton Rating:9 Release Date:2017-06-30

If their Wiki page is to be believed, The Coathangers formed as a joke. If it’s all been a bit of a lark, the joke is on the autotuned crap that routinely embarrasses itself as Popular Music these days. These women are the real deal. And they’ve been putting out consistently great racket since their debut. In a just world, they should be household names. But let’s be frank, that would only ruin it. This gnarly little Ep kicks off with a blast of what made the Ramones so great. Pure Punk fun. This ‘Parasite’ is about as infectious as it gets and you won’t mind if it keeps you tossing and turning.

‘Wipe Out’ manages to present a moral without ever being preachy. One doesn’t have to read too deeply to see its about drinking yourself into oblivion. However, it’s the Coathangers’ irreverent sense of the humor that saves the day. Musically, it’s as intemperate as anything the Sonics or Cramps cut in their heyday. Putting to shame long time cartoon poseurs like Green Day. A hypnotic track that makes you want to hit the play button again before moving on.

‘Captain’s Dead’ sums this little EP up with the catchy refrain, “easy come & easy go, what you reap is what you sow”. Adding the merciless caveat, “adios amigo”. This finds our heroines flirting in a dark club with some Dark Prince of Self-Destruction, armed with two fistfuls of sassy, unflinching sarcasm. All going to show, these ladies aren’t here to take shit from anyone.

‘Down Down’ continues in this vein and if things are sounding like a broken record, its one you want to play repeatedly. At this point, if Parasite is a medical condition, its one you’re loath to part with.

The EP pulls the curtains with the brooding and yet, unexpectedly affecting, ‘Drifter’. Frankly, it’s a beautiful note to go out on, ending it all far too soon. Of course, that’s the point of the song, ironically enough.

My only complaint is that this is just an EP not an LP. Fortunately, The Coathangers have seen to it that there’s more where this came from with their previous releases. If you’re stuck out to sea, you won’t mind if these mermaids lure you to your doom. More proof Rock n’ Roll isn’t quite dead; just not the boy’s club it once was. 

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