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Gothic Tropic - Fast or Feast

by Jason Atkinson Rating:10 Release Date:2017-05-19

Ok. This album is killer. Cecilia Della Peruti is pretty much destroying it here. Gothic Tropic knows what they are doing. Peruti herself is very experienced. Career minded is probably the better word: her Linkedin profile consists of nothing more than a long list of bands performed in dating back from when, I guess, she emerged from her mother’s womb. Oh, and writing film scores. Also, her mother is a well-known opera singer. And Dad’s a jazz composer. And she’s from New Jersey, where only the strong survive.

What does that mean? It means she’s a badass, people.

What results is a first-rate rock and roll album. It checks all the boxes. Vocals. Songwriting. Solos. And it sounds so good from a production standpoint. I mean, this stuff is original, but also honed and polished—star-making machinery. “Stronger” is so catchy and jumpy, so much fun. It makes me want to jump out of my chair and move, but it also surprises with unexpected twists on pop song structure. Is this the kind of single that could actually cut through the Selena Gomez pop blah?

Can I dream?

Did I mention that the video for “Stronger” features a crane shot of Peruti and her band on motorcycles?

The writing is solid on this album, track after track. “How Life Works,” is a fantastic tune, recalling 90’s band Lush. “Teenage Behaviour,” has afro-beat elements, lots of reverb, and a Pat Metheny/Mike Stern sounding guitar solo. “Your Solo” reminds me of the band Tennis. “Chemical Trail” has incredibly layered vocals and great synth sounds. “Don’t Give Me Up,” features palm muted guitars and 80’s vibes. “Major” features sophisticated harmony, but I would have liked a bit more from the guitar solo, it didn’t do much for the song. Naturally, it's hard to sustain such a high level of writing, and I think the closing tracks on this album aren’t as strong as the earlier ones. Still, they are pretty damn good. “Feed You to the Sharks” starts mellow and leaves us with Peruti intoning her desire to feed the listener (or someone else, I can’t make out the lyrics) to that most fearsome of sea creatures. It might hurt a little, but you still want her to do it because let’s face it, she’s got skills.

Cecilia Della Peruti and Gothic Tropic need to break big. Listen to this album!

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