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Horoscope - Misogyny Stone

by Sean Hewson Rating:7 Release Date:2017-04-21

Horoscope is Rene J Nunez-Cabrera and Misogyny Stone is his second album after El Espejo y El Mar.

Drone Gold starts, as one would expect, with a drone. A slightly harsh, but not unpleasant drone, rather like a train braking, slowly. Other sounds weave their way in and out of the main drone - roars, washes and hums, ebbing and flowing. It's pleasant, without really taking off. The title track is better. A simple industrial beat with harsh but also ambient sound. Kathryn Undorfer’s spoken word sits just out of our reach. A lower, more evil-sounding drone starts off Narcissist Vague. It is a shorter piece that remains, well, vague. A heavily-reverbed drum machine starts Azabache Necklace Bought To Protect My Daughter, along with a haunting, simple theme and whispered noise. It is the most evocative track here and has echoes of a gentler Non loop. New Piece (for Christian Mirande) starts with a two-note organ motif. Just as it is lulling you into a trance, a distorted, delayed voice cuts through. The intensity of the vocal and the surrounding noise builds over seven minutes of uneasy listening.

A slightly mixed bag of an album, Misogyny Stone ultimately wins. The tracks with a beat work best, particularly those with a little melody in amongst the layers of drone and noise. Azabache Necklace Bought To Protect My Daughter in particular is not only a sweet title, it is a fine, evocative piece of music.

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