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The Comet Is Coming - Death To The Planet

by Sean Hewson Rating:8 Release Date:2017-04-22

The Comet Is Coming are a London-based band who incorporate elements of jazz, electronica, funk and psychedelic rock. Death To The Planet has been released for Record Store Day and follows up their Mercury-nominated Channel The Spirits album. I must confess that I know nothing of Jazz. I have a lot of albums but no real background or understanding. However, I am so excited by the recent rush of new bands (Melt Yourself Down, Sons of Kemet, etc.), that I'm just going to get in there and see what happens.

Start Running starts out like Spiritual Jazz but really starts moving with the introduction of Betamax Killer's drums and Danalogue the Conqueror's . I love it immediately. The feel and space are life-affirming. King Shabaka's sax melody is simple but beautiful. And the beauty and intensity just builds. Final Eclipse (Full Version) builds on a simple, urgent groove like Fela Kuti. Again, the subtle and sparing introduction of the synths and electronics really raise it. This is both dancing music and listening music. March Of The Rising Sun starts with Sun Ra-like primitive, electronic, space noise. Similar to the previous track there is the slight feel of Acid House with Max Hallett's drums beneath and Shabaka Hutchings' sax soaring over the top. The combination of modern and 50s/60s electronic is well-arranged and fascinating. The beat is relentless as the sax chatters away. Ascension starts with more beautiful Spiritual Jazz but with Dan Leavers' super modern synth touches.

To all fans of adventurous music - something is happening in the world of Jazz and you're going to like it. Seek out The Comet Is Coming and spread out from there. It's also on 'Comet Fire' orange vinyl so get down to the record shop now. NOW.


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