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Mt. Mountain - Dust

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:6 Release Date:2017-04-28

Problems, problems. Mine, I guess. I have kind of a problem with this album. Nothing wrong with the style Mt. Mountain are trying to explore - the combination of metal, ambient and post-rock in all their shapes and/or forms have given us some great sounds - Earth, Growing, Godspeed You Black Emperor, you name it. Of course, there were some miserable failures, but let's not name them here.

The problem Mt. Mountain have with their new outing “Dust” is that its opening title track, almost falls flat on its back. By the sound of it, if you haven’t had a chance to see this Perth, Australia band live (I haven’t), you can only guess that it sounds utterly mighty live. And the introductory tones lead you in that direction, but then, as the vocals come in, the production gives up on the guys. You lose that “third dimension” necessary for this kind of music to show its charms, shall we say, and leads it to an almost disappointing end. Too bad.

And that is practically half of the album. From there on, things do pick up in every sense. “Floating Eyes” does prove that these guys can create a sense of atmosphere that practically deserted them half-way through the opening track. Strangely enough, it is dominated by more “tame” moments, but it is definitely able to transfer the idea of the atmospherics these guys are probably able to conjure live. Could be also that it relies more on the old, tried and true, late Sixties early Seventies psychedelia. Or it could have something to do with “capturing the atmosphere of the Australian Outback. Haven’t been, can’t say.

The positive rise continues with the remaining two tracks “Kokoti” and inventively titled “Outro” (but then, they’re not the only ones who can’t get an idea for a title as the recording sessions are getting close to the end). What is interesting, the songs start to acquire a more gentle, almost Eastern feel, and it suits them fine. Wordless vocals on “Kokoti” actually work much better than the word(full) ones. “Outro” is the shortest (and the sweetest) track here, and just gives you a full glimpse of what Mt. Mountain are capable of. Unfortunately, not there yet. If they only worked on that title track a bit more.

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Mt. Mountain - Dust - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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