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Flying Saucer Attack - Flying Saucer Attack

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8 Release Date:2017-04-14

Domino backtrack from last year’s trio of Flying Saucer Attack reissues with three more, beginning with this 1993 self titled debut (sometimes called Rural Psychedelia) of homegrown, 4-track recordings, essentially the work of Dave Pearce and his girlfriend, Rachel Brook on bass, who soon left to concentrate on Movietone. ‘My Dreaming Hill’ opens with tape hiss and assorted electronic noises from a demo tape Dave made with Richard Walker [aka Richard AMP) when the two were collaborating as The Distance a year earlier and builds into a shoegazer’s delight, all awash in distortion pedals and gloomy, downbeat vocals, none of which let up during ‘A Silent Tide’, although there is a poppier, JAMC glimmer of melody serpentining through the muck and mire.

While tracks like ‘Moonset’ and ‘Still’ showcase the duo’s more experimental noise side, and the minimalist, super-distortion metallic crunch of ‘Make Me Dream’ harkens back to Pearce’s love of seminal krautrockers Can and Faust (he once described the album as “a pop version of The Faust Tapes”), the band make room for their tender side with the dreamy ‘Wish’ (which still doesn’t completely relinquish the fuzz pedal) and a surprising cover of Suede’s debut single, ‘The Drowners’, here suitably “drowned” in waves of unrelenting feedback.

An hallucinatory, 15-minute, two-part tip of the dome to krautrock heroes Popul Vuh (the story continues on ‘Part III” from last year’s reissue of Chorus) successfully transcribes Florian Fricke’s synth swashes to six strings, and these, along with the dreamy closer ‘The Season Is Ours’ switch gears into more accessible waters and are quite, dare I say it, pretty!

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