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Colourbox - Music of the Band (1982-1987)

by Kevin Orton Rating:9 Release Date:2017-03-24

One thing that has come to characterize the 80’s along with Michael Jackson and Madonna are Brit Invasion Synth Pop bands. The likes of New Order and Depeche Mode went to show not all of it was dreck. Many bands came and went but perhaps one of the least remembered and most groundbreaking were Colourbox. In terms of sampling, Colourbox were ahead of their time. It was this practice that entangled them in various legalities and pressures that eventually led to their demise. 

The band were comprised of Martyn and Steven Young, Ian Robbins, Debian Curry and vocalist Lorita Grahame. Quite possibly their most high profile appearance was on the 4AD compilation, Lonely Is An Eyesore. Their time was brief and they managed to have an international hit in 1987 with ‘Pump Up The Volume’ as M/A/R/R/S (not included in this release).

While their discography remains brief, limited to one LP and numerous singles, it reveals a band with a much more diverse musical palette than their contemporaries. One that ranges from Reggae to R & B to Soul. In addition, they recorded sample heavy Post Punk instrumentals and elegiac pieces like, ‘Just Give ‘Em Whiskey’ and ‘Sleepwalker’.

Aside from the originals, this compilation boasts a stellar version of,  ‘Baby I Love You So’. Elsewhere, the nearly ten minute ‘Nation’ display the band at their most ambitious.

For fans of Electronica, Colourbox are a too well kept secret and this compilation is essential listening.  

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