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Kissing Is A Crime - Kissing Is A Crime

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2017-03-24

Matt Molnar has been searching for a band which fits him best for a while now.  Friends was the closest he came and their brand of world pop is some distance from what he has created in his new band Kissing Is A Crime

Jangly guitars and darker, haunted lyrics are the order of the day here alongside typical New York bass-lines and an ability to mix everything up every now and again.  It’s when the game gets slightly changed that this debut offering works best.  Songs like Crown Royal are lovable in their straightforward guitar, chorus, jangle approach, but they aren’t anything radically new or diverting enough to rave about.  However, songs like Blind Bruises build from that point into something far more interesting.  Blind Bruises uses a driving stomping guitar and drums to deliver a chorus where ‘and she is still afraid of the dark’ is repeated numerous times in a more urgent and thrilling manner each time.  Heady stuff.  Darkness, dreams and night are themes that are lyrically shot through the whole album.  You Would Never Understand is an almost punk number that is served with a side order of bitterness that eventually becomes very sweet when it descends in its very poppy end piece, ‘Corpus Christie, Do you miss me’ they ask to try and break up the punk waves.  Permanent Damages with its driving drum, jangle guitar and vocals reminds you of another time when gothic rock and jangly guitars were kindred spirits. 

Throughout all of this the ability of KIAC to deliver memorable hooks and great pop never goes away.  The only real disappointment is lyrically this is a little lightweight at times.  You Make Me Shatter is a pretty song with lots of acoustic guitar and pop beauty.  However, it just feels that outside of the chorus it’s a little disjointed lyrically and doesn’t quite hook you into any meaning.  Someone Who Needs No One is just a little awkward sounding lyrically.  It feels like rhyming is being forced into the song (Measure, Treasure, Pistols, Crystals) it doesn’t quite hang together and feels very much like a work that was forced into being.

Minor quibbles aside this could be a band to love. A strong debut offering and one which hopefully will see Molnar stick around for a while.

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