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Part Chimp - Iv

by Steve Reynolds Rating:8 Release Date:2017-04-14

Part Chimp are renown for making unforgiving soundscapes of heavy Bitch Magnet like guitar shards, this accompanied by a love of very loud and obnoxious live gigs which are unprecedented nowadays.  This new album ‘Iv’ is their first for 8 years and is released on Mogwai’s Rock Action label.

Right from the off they bludgeon us with a heist of cathartic guitar and pummelling drums on opener ‘Namekuji’.  The windswept urgent nature of their set-up could also be akin to fellow noiseniks Pissed Jeans and Metz and sets up a level of edgy, nervous angst which prevails throughout ‘Iv’. 

This is foot to the floor, balls out noise rock and when ‘MapoLeon’ kicks the door off its fucking hinges with a cataclysmic swirl of unrelenting guitar you better get strapped in for what’s about to be lavished upon us.  Tim Cedar’s distance hollow vocals hangs with an air of sinister gloom and his delivery on the maelstrom which is ‘Bouncer’s Dream’ adds another layer of trepidation to their already inexorable sound.

This album sounds like a band with a multitude of bad moods and suitably nasty hangovers as their music fails to register a happy note in any notable shape or form.   Anyone that is familiar with the work of Steve Albini and in particular Big Black would think that ‘Solid Gone’ would be straight off their ‘Songs About Fucking’ album.  A violent nasty piece of work that keeps on whipping our asses to within an inch of our sorry little lives.

A level of intensity is one thing that Part Chimp hold up more than most and the tempo refuses to buckle on ‘RoRo’ - one for those who might need their ear wax removing without the need to physically stick anything in their ears.

‘Bad Boon’ breaks with Part Chimp’s tradition of breakneck intensity and the crunching slow burning noise soon warrants day release and subsequently smashes through and tell us otherwise, all broken up by Cedar’s harrowing vocal delivery.

A band that focus on broody dark slabs of guitar intensity never let up in their approach to their work and when the acerbic ‘Rad Mallard’ pins you to the floor with its stalking quantum of noise and barb it's hard not to be smothered in its malevolence. 

We’re left with closer ‘A lil bit of justice’.  An 8 minute climax of seering riffs and tight rhythms coupled with some pretty intense solos that J Mascis would be so so proud of.  The last two minutes consists of a gutful of atonal noise and anything they can lay their grubby hands on: feedback, drone, circles of tortured guitar all sit up and get counted.

Part Chimp have made one hell of a comeback album here.  An album that will make you sit up and take notice.  Noise rock has never been better.

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