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The Flywheels - I'm For The Flowers

by Jim Harris Rating:10 Release Date:2017-03-24

I have a new favorite album of the year now and a new favorite band in the Flywheels and then you find out the co-writer bass player, Eric Scott, died before it would get released and it all takes on a tragic bittersweet feel to it.

I’m For The Flowers is an amazingly polished garage power pop gem of an album without a weak track.  And it should be amazingly polished as Eric Scott and Kim Wonderley, the co-founders are quality veterans of the San Francisco rock scene, not some fresh-faced start up band but the culmination of many years, and along with a crack lead guitarist, they enlisted the likes of Peter Buck and his 12-string along the way.  Plus a few other big names.

The music is pure and simply brilliantly executed with layers of jangly sometimes power chords and sometimes psychedelic, blistering riffs that go from reminding you of Dinosaur, Jr one riff to the Replacements the next, and when Kim Wonderley sings her voice sounds something like early Neko Case meets Dee Dee of the Dum Dum girls but in many ways outshines both.  It’s a rich, silky slightly innocent slightly sexy rock and roll voice that adds a wonderful lived-in richness to the songs she sings.  And nothing diminishes when the other songs are sung by the male vocalist.  His voice is a rock and roll perfect fit for the alt-Americana rock and roll that he sings on.

It sounds almost alt-country psych when Kim sings the ballad ‘Let Me Take You Down (To the Sea)’ and then swings rockabilly a bit with the title track. Throughout, this is a classic album of memorable rock and roll played so damn well it’s all just fucking tragic the co-writer, co-founder driving force died before it came out.  Just plain and simply sad.  But what a legacy.  A truly classic legacy.  Don’t dare pass on The Flywheels and their instant classic, I’m For The Flowers.  Take one listen to the opening track ‘Hello Cruel World’ and travel on down through ‘Diamond From Your Mouth’ and ‘Red Tail Lights’ until you get the final ironic ‘Dream of Life’ and then you might have a new favorite album of the year as well.  Rest in happy peace, Mr. Scott.  We should all hope we end it with such an exclamation point.

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