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Dead Sea Apes - Sixth Side Of The Pentagon

by Steve Reynolds Rating:7 Release Date:2017-04-07

Dead Sea Apes make music that is simply irresistible.  Not content with releasing their own brand of psych / post rock they’ve only gone and reinvented themselves again on new LP ‘Sixth Side Of The Pentagon’.

This time they’ve been and raided the dub cabinet and whilst maintaining their layered guitar sound they’ve swarmed bass and percussion all over the fucking place.  The low hum that greets us on opener ‘The Map Is Not The Territory’ is full of space, clicky off kilter sounds and a killer of a throbbing bass pattern that Jah Wobble would be wetting his pants over.  And whilst we’re discussing Wobble it’s fair to say that Dead Sea Apes have taken a humungous leaf from PIL’s ‘Metal Box’ album with that atmospheric sound and klinking clanking guitars ably packed with a sack full of reverb and delay.

What’s hypnotic and so beguiling about this album is the pull and push of their sound.  Yes it might sound like some visceral jam to most people but the way that the pieces fall effortlessly into place is what makes the album such a good listen and when slow burner ‘Low Resolution’ slugs us with all the lethargy of a sloth it still creates a warm and soothing after effect.

The main tracks are punctuated by ‘Sixth Side Version 1, Version 2, Version 3 and Version 4’ tickling our earholes with little bite-size chunks of ensuing tracks.  It makes for a nice break-out and in-between navel ticklers.

‘Nerve Centre’ and ‘Lo Res’ keep bass-man busy and his fingers must be bleeding such is the level of intensity of his finger picking and key centre pieces of the band’s effortless delivery. 

The spangly start on ‘Tentacles (The Machine Rolls On)' is accompanied by an echoed spoken word which is instantly enveloped by the urgent but simple bass line and metronomic drum spanks.  The vibe is a distinctly chilled out one that is synonymous with the surrounding arrangement of the other tracks on show.

‘Sixth Side Of The Pentagon’ reveals a darker, bolder side to what Dead Sea Apes can do as a band.  They’ve jumped out of their comfort zone and made a daring escape from their tried and tested previous recordings.  Personally it’s a jump that is like slipping on a comfortable pair of slippers after a hard day at the office.  This is good, no this is juicy good.


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