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Shed - The Final Experiment

by Jason Atkinson Rating:8 Release Date:2017-03-31

The new Shed album highlights the unique voice of Berlin-centered DJ René Pawlowitz. This album is a great collection of glitchy beats and atmospherics that bring to mind the collaborative work of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto, particularly their album Insen. Compared to his previous work, such as 2012’s album The Killer, The Final Experiment finds Pawlowitz (hereafter known as Shed) in a somewhat less experimental space, creating sounds that are still challenging but full of meaningful access points.

The album starts off with the mellow “Xtra” and moves into the somewhat hyperkinetic “Razor Control,” which reminds me of the 80’s Nintendo game Metroid. If you don’t know the Metroid theme music, I suggest you google it now because I will quietly judge you if you don’t. 

(waiting as you google.)

Got it? Good. 

Continuing, “Outgoing Society” brings up the energy a little, requiring you to pay attention and negotiate the relentless snare-synth pad reality. “Black Heart” is for the lover of the pan flute, except this pan flute lives in Alpha Centauri and spends its time inhaling toxic gas. “Flaf2” brings a drum intensity. “Turn 2 Turn” has a climactic feel to it. “System Azac” downshifts us, bringing us back to the river Spree and the realisation that Berlin is probably one of the most sonically interesting places in the world. Yeah, you’ll never be cool enough to get into Berghain—but who cares.

Shed is an incredible DJ. Take a look at any number of videos online, and you can see this on display. He has a rare ability to create interesting sets that are both musically interesting and exciting for the dance floor. The Final Experiment shows another part of his musical personality. Let’s hope the experiment continues.

Now call out to Alexa and say “Alexa play Shed”.

(sound of Shed playing.) 

Or not. Whatever. Just make sure you are paying for the music and, should you find yourself in Berlin, go to the Gemäldegalerie instead. They let everyone inside.


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