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Pharmakon - Contact

by Jim Harris Rating:1 Release Date:2017-03-31

Pharmakon is a noise project by Margaret Chardiet and while I was intrigued by the opening track's intro and decided to review it Contact really isn’t music.  It’s a noise experience that, unless it has something to accompany it, drugs or visuals, isn’t worth listening to a second time.

I happened to plug it in when I started jogging and that didn’t go well. I stopped running and it hit me that it was sort of like sitting on a mountaintop, dropping LSD, and watching the Dresden fire bombings.  Art destroyed bomb after bomb.

Of course Margaret Chardiet is from New York. Anywhere else a record company would probably tell her to take something and go home.  

According to a press release Contact is, “the moments when our mind can come outside of and transcend our bodies.”  K.

No, Contact is a pretentious exercise in banal industrial discordance.  It goes nowhere track after track and stays there.  When Chardiet does interject her voice it has promise of leading to something between Combi-Christ and Kate Bush slowed to a crawling wail, but that doesn’t last long and then the track just degenerates into non-beats.  Each track is unrelentingly devoid of beats or structures resembling music.  Like getting a tooth pulled out slowly through your ears.

It may translate as performance art of some kind on some New York stage but I’ll pass on attending.  There is too much poorly played rock and roll out there I would rather spend my time with than what Margaret Chardiet offers up.  

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