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Strange Lot - Gods & Clods

by Mark Steele Rating:7 Release Date:2017-03-03

This psych rock trio, Strange Lot, out of Phoenix, Arizona, seem to easily strap us into their weird time and space voyaging machine, packed full of accelerated energy contained within new 10-track release - Gods & Clods. Headed up by frontman/guitarist Dominic Mena, accompanied by bass player David Dennis and drummer Tim Lormor. The band give you a revved-up version of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and seem to have an otherworldly wake-up expression with their songs on the new record which comes two years after their 2015 debut, Another Mind.

The single taster, 'Born', bounces brightly with a solid rhythm section, nasal vocals and echo fuzz guitars. There is also a subtle but intelligent prog element submerged within the band's expression and several songs feature this within. The title track 'Gods & Clods' delivers a depth due to a tight bass and drum looped figure, whilst Dominic plays that stingy guitar and additionally croons over the surface in a comfortable 7/4 feel. This could well be a possible venture into Math-Psych.

A speedy thrash moving back and forth to a lesser pace of rhythm, with reverbed echoing guitars, has you experiencing some surf-rock on 'Numbers',  in a way could well be moving through a vortex of space and time. The John Lennon type vocals have slightly muffled dreamy narration effect, on a transistor radio.  A touch Thom Yorke-ish phrasing, happily swimming around the underwater venture spritely beat driven 'The Quiet'. Towards the end, a hypnotic lure appears and then we return to the surface.

There is no way Strange Lot can be accused of predictability, with a jazzy Coltrane flavour pulsating intermittently with 'This Is The Light'. The rhythm section certainly is key in determining the drama and interest, with this other songs. Another track that grabs your ear is the Brit/baggy funk, 'Describe Your Mess'. Booming bass, fuzzy guitar riffage, has some characteristics of The Charlatans/Stone Roses guitar riffage.

Similar in parts is 'Oxygn', except for a Dreampop/Shoegaze motorik groove. There is depth in the breezy guitar effects which adheres well to the tireless bass and drums. You can here some nice late-70's soft rock leanings, catching your ear throughout 'Have It Your Way', which would do well as part of a soundtrack for those chilled out summer evenings.
Atmospheric guitar and bass arpeggios in a 'Norwegian Wood' vibed 'Crimes All Day', again they employ an odd-time 5/4 beat. The melancholic funky pattern finale 'Dfunkt', echoes the whimsical style of 90's Brit band The Bluetones.

Strange Lot do well on Gods & Clods, to maintain interest and bear a creative flexibility to incorporate many elements into their unique progressing sound. This is a well thought out and tightly arranged slice of Psychedelic Rock.

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