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Casual Nun - Psychometric Testing By...

by Sean Hewson Rating:7 Release Date:2017-03-10

Psychometric Testing by Casual Nun starts with a rare short song: Tusk is 93 seconds of free-form drumming, riffs, soloing and screaming.

Everyman's Folly is longer and starts with a slow, fuzz bass riff, followed by drums and guitars. The vocals are through effects units, rather like Gibby Haynes. The lead guitar is insane.

Truth Machines builds slowly out of the wreckage of Everyman's Folly, starting with a pulse and some percussion. A more evil pulse comes in as the feedback builds. It stops after three minutes and a slow riff starts, followed by a whispered vocal and Casual Nun start building the song up again.

Xiphoid Revolution is spoken word built on a messed up version of the I Am The Resurrection drum beat. There is more of the slowly building insanity that is Casual Nun's speciality. But it's a bit over-long.

Stripes is even more free-form. Essentially 8 minutes of noise and pounding. The fuzz bass is monstrous and evil.

Whilst other bands (Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Blown Out) inhabit a similar territory to Casual Nun and have similar influences, Casual Nun are probably the most free-form. This is both a good and a bad thing as it can be thrilling, but it can also tend to meander a little on the longer songs.

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