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The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike

by Rich Morris Rating: Release Date:2005-10-03

The Go! Team's piecemeal approach to music-making and their zest for block-rocking party sounds makes for an interesting sonic jumble. This re-release of Thunder, Lightning, Strike, their 2004 debut album, features several modifications from its original incarnation due to US licensing laws (a new verse from MC Ninja and two new tracks), but the changes are largely cosmetic: the album remains a belligerent brew of guitars, drums, old-school hip-hop, rock, harmonicas, banjos, flutes, rhymes and cheerleader-chants that illustrates the band's famous anything-goes attitude. From the audacious assault of pop-tastic tracks like "Panther Dash" and the cartoonish rumble of "Feelgood By Numbers" to the jump-around anthem "Get It Together", the incessant - and sometimes overwhelming - joie-de-vivre of the document remains unrivalled by anything their contemporaries has produced in the meantime. --Paul Sullivan

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