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Circus Devils - Laughs Best

by Kevin Orton Rating:10 Release Date:2017-02-24

Did you dig Robert Pollard’s latest hat trick under the moniker Circus Devils? But wait there’s more. If you couldn’t get enough of Laughs Last, then Laughs Best is for you. If you’re a touch overwhelmed at the prospect of another smorgasbord of Pollard’s seemingly endless productivity, that’s understandable. There is something to be said for “less is more”. A saying Pollard seems hellbent at defying with a perverse vengeance.

Suffice it to say, there’s even more tracks than Laughs Last. The cover art isn’t kidding when it says, “Inventory Clearance Blowout”. Question is, does such relentless output constitute sadism or generosity? That’s up to you dear listener.  I’ll just say that at 30 tracks there’s some gold and some filler. At the very least, his song titles are always entertaining from ‘George Took a Shovel’ to ‘Dolphins of Color’.

Gluttony may be one of the Seven Sins, but no one said you had to eat this plateful in one sitting. Just be thankful that there is someone out there like Robert Pollard. He is truly the gift that keeps on giving. No self-respecting Guided By Voices fan is going to walk away from this all you can eat buffet with a bad taste in their mouth.


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