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Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse

by Rich Morris Rating: Release Date:2004-06-07

Continuing to live up to their name in sound, if perhaps, no longer in body, Sonic Youth have, in Sonic Nurse delivered one of the finest albums of their seminal 23-year career. Being three tracks and 15 minutes longer than its predecessor, Murray Street, and not dissimilar in its melodious appeal, in many ways Sonic Nurse offers more of the same. Again refraining from the wanton experimentalism that has peppered much of their work since Washing Machine, Sonic Nurse mixes walls of feedback with smooth basslines and guitar hooks that range from the thunderous to delightfully deft.

The 17th album from the ever inventive quartet, Sonic Nurse finds the band refining their three-pronged guitar attack in favour of subtlety, mixing upbeat rhythms with guitar lines that seduce before threatening to scramble from the fret board. Alongside the lush musical menace comes extolled exasperation aplenty, not least on the Bush-battering "Peace Attack". Brave in its refrain, spellbinding in its delivery, Sonic Nurse provides an essential dose of refined garage rock that carries a delicious kick. --Christopher Barrett

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Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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