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Six By Seven - Greatest Hits

by Steve Reynolds Rating:8 Release Date:2017-02-17

To coincide with two farewell gigs, Six By Seven have been filling up our ears with an array of reissues.  There is the glorious sophomore album ‘The Closer You Get’, the Peel Sessions with a host of accompanying B sides and this their greatest hits.

What we have here are 15 tracks spanning all of their seven albums with opener ‘A Beautiful Shape’ and closer ‘European Me’ taken from their debut ‘The Things We Make’.  When they first broke out of Nottingham with their debut it was moody, dark slabs of edgy guitar rock. Chris Olley’s unique vocal stands offish against his band mates and their broody menacing acerbic arrangements.  In fact a third of this compilation is drawn from the first record and is somewhat surprising when there are only two tracks from ‘The Closer You Get’ which in my opinion is their finest body of work but the two they pick from it are absolute hero tunes ‘New Year’ and the frenetically loose ‘Eat Junk, Become Junk’.

‘IOU Love’ and ‘So Close’ are taken from what some people would say is their difficult third album ‘The Way I Feel Today’.  It was an album that still had their trademark harsh sounds and if anything is much more expansive and free compared to their two preceding long players.

The brilliant ‘Bochum (Light Up My Life) is gleefully included in this compilation and rightly so, it soars and swoops with effortless beauty and warmth and is a real diamond in the rough. 

Their seventh album ‘Love and Peace and Sympathy’ and their last recognised one was released in 2013 and is much roomier and experimental than previous albums.  Personified by the space-rock power leakage of ‘Truce’, ripped to the tits in clean and beautiful lines and droning keys.

This Greatest Hits package is as a majority very good and if you're looking for a full discography then this is the place to go, however I think if you’re bold enough to go for broke you should look to their first two albums for real inspiration.

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I ordered this in a moment of ecstatic madness, even though I have the first three albums. Sheer nostalgia I guess.

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