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Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now

by Rob Taylor Rating:8 Release Date:2017-02-17

Hardcore sludge rockers, Pissed Jeans return with their fifth album of guttural filth, Why Love Now, another expose on the fragility of the male ego. Raucous enough to breach noise abatement orders anywhere. The sort of music you can swill and spill your beer to in equal measures of drunken enmity. The sort of music that fills your head with junk thoughts of rebellion and disdain, however misplaced. Music that probably appeals to base emotions not common sense. 

‘The Bar is Low’ according to the band is about “how every guy appears to be revealing themselves as a shithead”. In politics and music there aren’t many guys who aren’t revealed as creeps. That’s how the thesis goes, but frankly, I wouldn’t be taking it too seriously. Its not like they’ve really thought that one through, and anyway when you have to maintain the rage, it's best to take the most cynical angle. 

‘Ignorecam’ and ‘(Won't Tell You) My Sign’ are aural viagara, ramped-up hardcore flagellators that are seriously fun but probably convey a dismal picture of masculinity. Which I’m oblivious to, thankfully. 


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