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SPC ECO - Under My Skin EP

by Rob Jones Rating:7 Release Date:2017-02-10

SPC ECO (i.e. Space Echo) have released a long player every year since 2009 and in 2017 they arrive with Under my Skin. The fresh fare is a real sublime space technology tour. One can just picture an astronaut floating around in the dark of no man's land as this music accompanies the coverage. The dreamy almost surreal offerings can also take you to a watery location as you drift on a motionless sea, without a care.

Dean Garcia, ex Curve, and his daughter - the singer Rose Berlin aim for ethereal elegance across the five tracks. There is definitely elements of the mellifluous melancholia of Curve and a taste of The Cocteau Twins Elizabeth Fraser dropping down another gear.  Garcia grooves take the listener back to the haunting highlights of his Curve career with Toni Halliday. There is certainly no representation of the runaway altenative rock of his former band.

Dean is a musical all-rounder who worked with Curve between 1990 to 2005 plus solo work and celebrated collaborations also need to be noted. Meanwhile, his offspring has an ethereal tone to her voice that puts one in a gentle space. The sweet angelic vocals of Berlin are layered on to an array of landscapes that in the main are predominantly heavenly and the demonic juggernaut charge central to the Curve mantra is absent. SPC ECO head towards the epic and there is subtlety in the sounds.

SPC ECO have made a lunar landing. One great step for man and another golden nugget in the Garcia family.

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SPC ECO - Under My Skin EP - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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