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Turn To Crime - Secondary

by Kevin Orton Rating:6 Release Date:2017-02-03

Awesome Color’s Derek Stanton has gone from mining the Stooges and MC5 to playing at Suicide with his new band, Turn To Crime. The results sound like Vic Chesnutt fronting Suicide without either’s lyrical spark.  Secondary picks up where Action left off.

‘Dead Man’ is a beguiling beginning to a record that knows that depth is overrated. ‘Chasing’ is superficial fun, nothing to balk at or get excited about either. The goofy, playful ‘Get Your Pills from Tony’ is punchy irresistible satire but lyrically reminiscent of Ween in their heyday. “You better believe his rent’s on time, you better believe he’s lost his mind” Stanton drawls.

‘Fall Down’ is a far more ambitious track but ultimately, fails to keep this listener’s attention. Perhaps it’s a touch too long, perhaps a touch too repetitive. It’s the kind of track that moves in a horizontal direction for too long, never meandering but driving a straight course to nowhere.

‘Seconday’ is goofy fun, which finds Stanton dipping into gritty falsetto but ultimately lacks sincerity. The same can’t be said of ‘Her Love’ however, which is the most haunting and rewarding track on the album. It’s the one track where one feels Stanton isn’t messing around for his own amusement but trying to express something the listener can connect with. Yet, ‘Her Love’ is a momentary respite.  ‘Don’t Let Go’ is mainly instrumental with intermittent warbling that musically goes nowhere and might just be the most indulgent track on the album.

Turn To Crime save the best for last. ‘Mary Jean’s Chocolate Pie’ is infectious nonsense guaranteed to bring a chuckle. It’s also the most focused track on the album. But in terms of Secondary as a whole, it all goes to show, you can’t have your cake and eat it to. Especially if parts are half baked.

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