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by Gerry Hathaway Rating:10 Release Date:2017-02-17

Following the icy, futuristic synthscapes of 2015’s Union of Worlds, Zombi’s Anthony Paterra returns with a new EP under his solo moniker Majeure. Whereas previous releases focused more on synthesizer textures, Apex is full-on progressive drum fill worship. In fact, there is nary a synthesizer hook to be found. The existing synths on Apex serve only to keep the syncopation of Paterra’s drums solos which dominate all three tracks, save A Few More Pieces of Eight which sounds like a hyperactive videogame soundtrack.

The best cut on the EP is The Illusion of Mist which is enveloped in trippy atmospherics and tribal tom patterns. Half way through the track Pattera brings the first steady beat to Apex and drapes the song with washes of synth pads delivering a very Sci-Fi feel to the track.

Apex is the least compelling release in Majeure’s canon, but is nonetheless well produced and serves as a solid reminder of Anthony Paterra’s drumming prowess. It will be interesting to see which direction he takes with Majeure on the next release, as no two releases sound alike. However, Apex will likely have a narrow appeal due to its intense focus on the drum kit and little else.

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