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Noveller - A Pink Sunset For No-One

by Rob Taylor Rating:8 Release Date:2017-02-10

A Pink Sunset For No-One is true to its forecast. With a mood synonymous with staring through a frosted window at the blurred ends of a pastel world, the album is contemplative rather than bleak or oppressive. On penultimate track “The Unveiling’ Sarah Lipstate appears to commence a thaw-down of the sound picture, but actually the music just reveals more information, as if the cinematic personality of the music is slowly unraveling a plot-line. Not surprising given that Lipstate has composed film scores outside of the ‘Noveller’ moniker. 

With guitar work heavy on the effects pedals, and a suffusion of instrumental colour, the nonetheless minimalist ambience presented by Noveller is closer in kin to Brian Eno than anything on the Kranky label for instance. Typecasting Noveller isn't that helpful, because for instance, there's nothing lulling about A Pink Sunset For No-One. The 40 odd minutes are actually quite gripping, as if Sarah Lipstate has ascribed images into each musical phrase. The listener gains the clear impression that Lipstate has a vivid, if not lurid imagination. Perhaps her being a guitarist rather than a keyboardist sharpens the dynamic.

There’s always a risk with music of this kind that homogeneity will undermine beauty and wonder, and what at first is evocative, and brings an overwhelming feeling of reverence, quickly slips from the mind from lack of variation.  On the other hand, music that takes you on a journey of the byways, the less trodden routes where you risk getting lost but gain new perspectives, well Lipstate has done this remarkably well. The avoidance of cliche is the mark of a clever musician. Take 'Another Dark Hour' for instance, the prickly guitar effects (resembling Robert Fripp) sharpen the mind's eye, the new variations signalling route changes, while 'Emergence' tacitly yearns that the listener might have found the journey ultimately stimulating in all its unpredictability. 




Overall Rating (1)

5 out of 5 stars
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