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Mega Bog - Happy Together

by Mark Steele Rating:8 Release Date:2017-02-03

The artwork cover of Mega Bog's new album - Happy Together, features a petite white rose in a simply cute plant pot, huddled up to a brown handbag on a blue car seat. It holds a familiarity of a scene shot from some 1980's movie. The New York City based band is led by Erin Birgy and comprises of an amalgamation of members from other outfits including Iji, Big Eater, and Big Thief - purely coming together to make music that seems to combine several styles into an Alt-Lounge-Pop cocktail.

The initial starter here 'Diznee' like some steamy thriller soundtrack meets Jazz with Erin's Bryan Ferry-ism phrasing, while next up 'She's History' has Erin producing slightly noticeable strains of The Kinks' Ray Davies on 'Sunny Afternoon' and yet also sounds somehow like The Smiths in the guitar and vocals department. The summer dream popping on the cruising 'Marianne' could be Angel Olsen stretching out with Real Estate, and there is a nice ode to Fleetwood Mac in vibe on 'T.V. M.A.C.' with complimentary in style acoustic/electric guitar strumming with a Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits type overdriven solo, over rendered tribute to both bands signature rhythm section sound. An offbeat drum groove with sporadic bass notes becomes enamoured on '192014' by reverbed screaming saxophones. A simple Synth-pop bassline loop adds to late-70s two-tone with delayed guitar lines, which makes 'London' a quite tangible experience of a vibrant city. Erin's sultry calm vocal's come over all train station announcer. Whilst listening to the songs, Erin's voice also brought to mind vocalist Kim Carnes 'Betty Davis Eyes', in some of her tones she is delivering.

The clingy-tink clanging 'Modern Companion' has a low humming fuzz drone underneath, giving an organic/digital hybrid. One of the few real haunting winners on the album is the off-centre shuffle, surreal and jazzy 'Worst Way'. It has this repetitive menacing wall-piano riff, that is melancholic more-ish, with Erin's sultry weaving around melodic lines.

This is interesting, it may possibly be coincidental, though entirely awesome, Gerry Rafferty's essence of cool visits with 'Blackout', seeming to lend a hand on the harmonic/melodic front. Theatrically elusive, and alarming, 'Black Rose' certainly hypnotic downward spiral staircase to tape-reversed discordant keys. Imagine Kate Bush in a vast space reaching out to the void. The last song has that Joni Mitchell type vocal within a lysergic 70's rock bubble via 'Fwee'.

With a unique outlook and energy apparent on Happy Together, Mega Bog stirs many classic ingredients together to produce an appealing stew.

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