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Silent Riders - Silent Riders

by paul_guyet Rating:6 Release Date:2017-02-24

The mythos and mystery the Silent Riders are trying to build and exude* doesn’t quite live up to their self-titled debut album. There are a few moments where Lu’s voice melds perfectly with the dingy electronics manufactured by Gee and C, the other two members of the Copenhagen trio, and when it does, it works, but more often than not, her voice is a bit too aloof and disparate in a seemingly unintentional fashion for things to click.

The judder and subterranean thrum of ‘Static' is barely humanized by Lu’s vocals, and the pale sunrise that occurs towards the end has a broken beauty, and the soft darkness of 'Monopoly Matters’ stands out as well. There’s also a nice, slow burn (or freeze, in this case) to ‘The Lights’, and ‘Being Afraid’ sounds a bit like a dirty Depeche Mode demo. Sometimes the detachment of Lu’s vocals is fitting, but sometimes she just sounds bored, like on 'Animal', and ‘Heal’ should have been a b-side.

It’s not the most interesting electronics, it’s not the most interesting vocalist, it’s not the most interesting lyrics, but the whole occasionally ends up being somewhat better than the sum of its parts and Silent Riders delivers a shadowed and moody soundscape that’s perfect for the cold, dark winter this planet is both literally and figuratively facing. It’ll be interesting to see if these three mysterious melancholy mechanicians can evolve and further curate their sound, but for my money, there’s filthier stuff out there.

* They perform wearing masks because...secrets...

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