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Ty Richards - Zillion

by Rob Taylor Rating:9 Release Date:2017-02-03

Ty Richards says that Beck’s Guero is one of his favourite albums of all time, and those sounds are subconsciously lathered all over Zillion. Smart pop with a guitarist’s sense of timing i.e when to transport a track into hyper-drive. Reminds me also of Beck’s Midnite Vultures with its funky swagger but there’s a limit to how far back a young musician’s influences stretch.

Leaving his ad agency life to become a self-proclaimed musician and possible alt-rock star, Richards hasn’t over-estimated his value, and Zillion is brimming with instantly singable tunes sung and executed with a very cool verve. ‘Kiss With the Lights Out’, ‘Naked Girls’ and ‘Going Out For a Cigarette’ are certified pop classics in the making. Unmitigated positivity (maybe a tad of irony) and hooks to reel in even the weariest music reviewer or fan.  

Richards plays all the instruments himself including analogue synths, bass and drums, but is principally a guitarist. This level of control is revealed in the beautifully balanced recording wherein everything is proportioned so nicely. Also, Zillion sounds like an album, and one with no dips in quality or wilful diversions.

The real strength here though is supreme pop writing ability, which is something that can’t be contrived. It can be learned, but the edge is always innate, and Richards has not only digested his vinyl collection but comprehended what makes music enjoyable.

Cheers to that. Bound to be one of the best pop albums of 2017. Absolutely love it. 

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Good album, nice to see a new artist with the ambition to write great guitar based pop songs. Kiss with the Lights On is pure Beck as well

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Authentic rather than copyist. Also, just a really fun album to listen to.

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