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Ikonika - Contact, Love, Want, Have

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2010-04-05

The latest sound to come off of the Hyperdub label comes in the form of Ikonika. Her debut album Contact, Love, Want, Have, is a fresh take on the UK's most prolific genre. After the first few tracks, the synth gets a bit repetitive and you start thinking that perhaps you've just brought fourteen separate recordings of a broken Gameboy staggering over a generic bassline instead of a supposedly hot new act from the label that gave us the likes of Cooly G and Kode9.

But, like a lot of new dubstep that braves to take down the wobble, it can grow on you. 'Psoriasis' has fresh new sound and the beat scales up and down a track that shows off how Ikonika could prove her worth. What's more her live reviews are buzzing, and dubstep bloggers have turned their vibrating heads and jumped onto the mixes she's been churning out.

As a whole, despite Ikonika's displays of musicality and a clear knowledge of a well produced sound, you can see the album just being deemed as too formulaic. There's only so much of that high-pitch synth we can take before we turn back on Hyperdub's more recognised artists and welcome something that sounds a bit less like if the Mario brother's discovered ketamine.

Contact, Love, Want, Have is out on the April 6 and she'll be playing a few shows in London as well as in Germany and Poland over the coming months. She's a dab-hand live and has brought something different to the table with her debut album, so it would be an idea to try and get to a gig.

Jake Attree

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