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Nightingales - Become Not Becoming EP

by Rob Jones Rating:8 Release Date:2017-01-27

The post-punk pulse of Midland mavericks Nightingales was at the forefront of the 80’s Radio One schedule of the late great DJ, John Peel.  Nightingales leader, Rob Lloyd and a cast of characters have been in post millennium action and a busy touring schedule plus a programme of releases has led to a series of rock ‘n’ roll triumphs.

The 2017 campaign kicks of with the six tracks of Become not Becoming. So what have we got? The answer is more of the same but that recipe in essence means an array of attacks! The tune temperature rises and and falls from slowed, stripped down sonics charging through the guage in to the arena of ramped up post punk. Take the nuances of Captain Beefheart, throw in some Link Wray and then add slices of The Fall, 70's glam overdrive and more! This musical metling pot is then iced with the Lloyd vocal vehemence which is paired with the Suzi Quatro-esque shouts of demonic drummer Fliss Kitson. This is raw power bull in a china shop style mania that works!

The fiery four that make up the current line up do not rest on any previous achievements, for this is not a nostalgia trip! This is very much 2017-and, with the Lloyd lexicon of lyrics there is so much more to the merchandise!

The aural arsenal of Too Posh to Push leads from the front. The almost nursery ryhme start of The Divorce that never Was alters its tempo with The Clangers seemingly making an appearance at one point but the anger of a growling Rob is apparent. The sing-a-long nature at the start of Booze and Broads and Beauty soon incorporates half a dozen contrasting approaches before returning to a more traditional chorus and then something else arrives! Drown is a high tension line attack that then goes in to a whirlpool before B-Side at Best is worthy of being an atomic A-side. In would also frighten the pants off a variety of acts that our Rob could grandfather!

Nightingales playing is tighter than a duck’s rear end soldered together with krypton and the guys do not hold back in their delivery! Nightingales are still a cult act that continue to operate on the fringes of the fringes but their status means that before and after a gig they are amongst their people. Join their throng because you cannot say that you are an alternative music fan without a portion of Nightingales in your collection.

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