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Once and Future Band - Once and Future Band

by Rob Taylor Rating:4 Release Date:2017-01-27

Are we headed for a resurgence of interest in prog-rock beyond the classicist efforts of diehards like Steven Wilson? Arguably what made progressive rock palatable in the past was the theatrics, or fantasy elements linking the music to madcap or off-centre psychedelic folk tales. Lamb Lies Down on Broadway for instance. Bands like Queen flew the flag into more classical rock territory, and bands like Steely Dan steered into smoother waters with capricious whimsy, but with the same finicky compositional standards. 

A kind of nerdy self-consciousness, goth sensibility and bookishness held some of this stuff together alright, but once you introduce earnestness, things start to get a bit wearisome, and I’m reminded of countless hours spent in the bedrooms of others at high school being inducted into the ranks of musical snobbery, listening to stuff which bored the bejesus out of me. Thank God for punk. 

Exploring the murky ground between Camel, early Genesis, Pink Floyd, Queen and the Electric Light Orchestra is Once & Future Band. Some of the keyboard work is Tony Banks around the ‘Selling England by the Pound’ period. The male harmonies of a ubiquitous 1970s quality that caress the boundaries of countrified soft rock. Think The Eagles. And then forget that I made you do that.

Played with authenticity and skill, but like Alex from Clockwork Orange, I cannot not be psychologically conditioned to ignore a primal impulse. To exact violence upon its proponents.


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