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Leopold and His Fiction - Darling Destroyer

by Jim Harris Rating:9 Release Date:2017-01-27

Darling Destroyer is the latest release by Detroit’s Leopold and His Fiction, and if you are a fan of that Detroit sound ala Jack White then you are in for a true blast with this album.  Daniel James is the front man and his voice falls somewhere between the scratchy voice of J Mascis and the balladeering Steven Tyler, and if you add his colorful blistering guitar solos and progressions, along with topnotch song writing, the hard rocking Detroit music scene is nicely represented here.

This is more straight-up rock and roll than alternative and occasionally everyone needs some of that.  Daniel is a talented frontman and actually sounds more like a smoother voiced Dinosaur Jr. at times over the edginess of Jack White.   Regardless, if it is a mid-tempo high-level blues number like ‘Saturday’ or a brilliantly executed acoustic number like ‘Ride’ Darling Destroyer swings back and forth through the Detroit music scene, starting with Motown, with such ease and perfect execution as to leave you marveling at how well done it all is.  And again, Daniel James is a quality songwriter and quality musician as well.

If you are a bit weary of DIY bedroom lo-fi, tired of scratchy guitar distortions through angsty screams, or the tink tinking of a cute boy and girl trading faux-soul ponderings with cappuccinos on the stage with them, then I suggest you slam Leopold into your ears.  You won’t regret it.

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