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Parcels - Hideout

by Nathan Fidler Rating:8 Release Date:2017-01-27

Releasing yet another EP, Parcels are signed to the Kitsune label. It’s a label which drips out the fashionably pop, usually with hints of electronic or just a smattering of guitar. With Hideout Parcels fall into the latter, smashing out a solid follow up to their equally great Clockscare EP.

Listing their hometown as Berlin and Byron Bay, it’s hard to know what exactly to call Parcels. Euro-funk, Aussie-psych-pop? It’s all in there, with hair that hair-metal bands dream of.

‘Myenemy’ swells with synth, boozy bass and the trademark Nile Rodgers-esque guitar. It’s a catchy, relaxing effort, as with most of their stuff. Meanwhile, on ‘Older’ they sound like Fleetwood Mac taking on a funk-lite accent.

Every track is driven by some sort of effortlessly cool bass line or guitar picking. It’s not hard to see why their tracks have received remixes, since they always feel like they’re only a step away from the dancefloor. Relaxed enough on ‘Hideout’, they carry the feelgood factor of 70s tunes while giving everything a modern, indie polish.

Nothing here comes quite as close to ‘Anotherclock’ from their previous EP however, but this is still well worth a listen whatever mood you’re in - a full album pretty soon would be a nice treat in time for summer.

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